Monday, March 31, 2014

A Lady In Waiting

I love a skirt that makes me feel like a true lady, and this white skirt I got from JCPenney's truly makes me feel like lady whose ready for tea and Sunday brunch! lol This Worthington Brand Inverted-Pleat Quilted Skirt is super cute and flirty and of course is affordable!!!  Find the details and the link to my new favorite skirt and the rest of my outfit below!

Outfit Details
Skirt:  ($24.99)

V-neck Tee: ( color-Yucca; $7.99)
Blazer: Thrift Store! I got it from a local thrift shop for $3
Shoes: Shoedazzle The Valentino Rock-studded Inspired 'Sahara' (Old)
Jewelry- (old)

Believe it or not my 9 year old niece Ms. Natalie-Grace takes all my pictures! She does an amazing job!
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Sarie :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Light and Easy.

I created a simple and easy going outfit with this affordable Joe Fresh Two Tone Shirt. This light and flowing shirt paired with my favorite destroyed boyfriend jeans creates perfect outfit for a lunch date or a little bit of shopping with your girlfriends. See the details on this easy going outfit below!

Outfit Details
Shirt: Joe Fresh Two Tone Shirt (20.99)
Jeans: A.N.A Boyfriend Jeans ( $19.99)
Shoes: Shoedazzle Red "Ellise' Sandal Pumps ($49.95) 

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Sarie : - )

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mixed Print

I love mixing prints, It's fun and gets people to really pay attention to your outfit! I know people think mixing prints is a bit intimidating or they think it isn't their "style" but whatever your case maybe print mixing is really fun and easy to achieve! See how I styled a simple camouflage print shirt and this black bold striped pencil skirt!

Camouflage Print Shirt: Out of the little boy's section at Target lol ($7)
Pencil Skirt: Worthington Brand at JCP ($36)
Shoes: Shoedazzle Red 'Ellise' Sandal Pumps ($49.95)

Quick Tip: If you have a larger bold print (the black bold skirt) always pair it with a smaller less noticeable print (the camouflage shirt). If you pair two prints that are bold and large you can make your outfit very overwhelming and not pleasing to the eye.
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Sarie :-)

Friday, March 21, 2014


My love for t-shirts runs deep, I mean who doesn't love a good comfortable t-shirt? but I also love the fact you can dress up t-shirts! This Obey brand t-shirt I got from Urban Outfitters awhile ago is one of my favorites!!  See how I dressed up my favorite t-shirt and the details on my outfit down below!

T-shirt: Urban Outfitters (old) ($24)
Pants: JCP Worthington Brand Pin-tucked Pants (old) ($19.99)
Blazer: Stolen from my older sister Erica-Marie LOL , she purchased the blazer at Target on clearance for $10
Shoes: Black Patent Leather 'Kai' Pumps from Lolashoetique  ($28) (sold out)
Jewelry: Pearls (old)


By the way I got this little mini biography on the famous designer Marc Jacobs from the public library. This book was very inspiring and motivating!!

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Sarie :- )

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beginner's Luck in Black + White

Hello and welcome to my new blog Pretty With Pennies! My name is Sarah, I'm 24 years old and I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. I have a passion for fashion but I don't have the funds to shop like crazy! Since I'm not the only girl with this unfortunate dilemma, I'm here to show you guys my way of styling affordable fashion in different ways!! I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Most of my outfit peices came from JCPenney's, yep that's right JCPenney's! JCP has really improved their clothing selection! You will also get to see a lot of my outfit pieces from JCP and many other affordable stores in my future posts! 
I 'heart' Ronson Colorblock Skirt: ($34.99)
I 'heart' Ronson Colorblock Jacket: (Sold Out) ($49.99)
Shoedazzle Red 'Ellise' Sandals (Sold Out) ($39.99)
H&M shirt (old) 
Pearl Jewelry: (old) 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Sarie :-)